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Vocal Coaching

Hi! I’m Valerio, a singer/songwriter and Vocal Coach with more than 15 years of experience in the music business in the UK and Europe and I offer singing lessons for professional or beginners. My services also include songwriting lessons for any level and piano lesson (pop an classical) for beginners.

I believe everyone has a unique and beautiful voice and that there should be no absolute standard of a “perfect” voice. We can all make choices about what we want to sound like, as long as we keep our voice healthy and we are conscious of the options we have. My job as a vocal coach is to help you find your own voice and give you the tools to gain confidence and improve your technique, based on what your needs are.

The usual structure of the lesson includes a warm up and some vocal exercises for the first 15 minutes, followed by the study of a song of your choice or suggested by me, analysing what you need to improve in it and choosing what kind of stylistic choices to apply on it.

I have extensive experience both as a professional teacher for kids and adults in all genres (pop, jazz, classical and musical theatre), for individuals or groups. My lessons are fun and engaging and they’re tailored to your needs. Using a wide range of exercises and techniques we work on a repertoire chosen by you or suggested by myself, with the goal of improving confidence, revealing and developing your voice, working on range, support, style and vocal colours, working towards your personal aims.

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Breathing technique
Good posture and core support
Expansion of range
Use of head, mixed and chest voice
Songwriting skills
Music theory

Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting Lessons


Tutoring and mentoring
Melody Writing
Music Theory
Use of Tempos
Lyrics Writing
Songwriting Styles
Song Structures


Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons



Classical and pop piano
Hand technique
Music theory and Harmony
Accompanying (chords, rhythms, patterns)

FEES: (Fees can be discounted if your income has been affected by Covid restrictions. Get in touch for more into)

30 min lesson: £25

50 min lesson: £38

pack of 5 lessons: £180

pack of 10 lessons: £350


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