When you stop trying to deny that death exists, things feel much easier.

Nothing we own will last forever, enjoy it while you can without worries.

Nothing we achieve will stay forever, enjoy the journey.

Whatever you do now shapes your future, don’t think your actions have no consequences.

We might come back on this earth or we may not. If in doubt, treat it well.

Your happiness depends on the happiness of your surroundings. You can’t be happy on your own.

You are one with your environment. You are one with the people around you.

Change your attitude and make this world a better one, this is what happiness is.

Your own happiness will follow.

My new official video was released on 22nd November! Have you watched it already? What did you think?
Drop me an email to let me know: valeriolys@valeriolysander.com

If you’re late to the party, here’s the video:

Fools is a song from my album ” We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards The Sunlight”

Stream Fools on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2PfYWKY
Stream Album on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2yVnmzj
Buy Digital or Physical album on Bandcamp: https://valeriolysander.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-like-coloured-moths-towards-the-sunlight

Music, lyrics, vocals, synth, harmonium, keyboards, backing vocals, programming: Valerio Lysander;
guitar: Nick Harris;
mandolin: Leo Polchar;
mixing: Nick Harris at Spare Room Recording – Music Production
mastering: Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering

Featuring the beautiful faces of some my most precious friends: Aaron Sibley, Sara Newton, Mónica Viñoly, Alessandro Prencipe, Yianna Sotiropoulou, Amani Z. Saeed, Jacopo Rossetto
Shot by: Go out of Tune
Editing and concept: Valerio Lysander

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