My lessons are for professional, advanced or beginner singers, for everyone who uses their voice, who want to learn how to use or improve their voice, grow as a singer, musician, artist or teacher, feel confident on stage (or in the living room or, why not, in the shower!) and deliver authentic performances or simply sing without worrying too much about it. 
Lessons are not the same for everyone. There isn’t a syllabus and the structure of a lesson may be different for each individual. We all start from different places and have different goals, and my job is to guide you through your personalised vocal journey.

The main areas that will be covered are:

  • Breathing technique
  • Posture and Support
  • Expansion of range
  • Registration and register balance
  • Technique
  • Use of head, mixed and chest voice
  • Vocal styles
  • Use of twang
  • Vocal imbalances and how to sing with a healthy voice
  • Larynx control
  • Mix Voice
  • Belt
  • Warm up routines
  • Songwriting skills
  • Music theory
  • Performance
  • Interpretation
  • Repertoire
  • on request: Piano and guitar lessons

Ultimately, you know what you want to learn, and I leave freedom to decide what you want to work on. Starting from your goals, I will build a lesson plan that will help you achieve them and give personalised suggestions on how to improve your overall sound and performance. If you are a beginner, don’t worry! You may not know what you want yet, and I can help you become more aware and start a more generalised journey through which you can find a balanced healthy voice and develop your ear and sound, until you will know what you want!
Either way, we can make a plan for your study together, and work in an efficient way that suits your style of learning.

During our lessons I can help you diagnose your vocal imbalances and find tools to improve your voice. We can identify your goals and discover new ways to use your voice however you want it, while keeping it healthy through all the steps of the journey. There are thousands of different voice colours you may want to achieve, and through the use of different methods and techniques we will work towards the voice you want to have. Taking singing lessons will help you get out of your comfort zone and discover that you can go beyond your actual boundaries. Your voice has unlimited opportunities to change – you can shape it however you want.

Of course, vocal health is very important in my teaching style, but technique is not the only thing that makes a good singer. In addition to these, we will work to develop your own sound, style, expression and artistic choices. I can also help you with performance and interpretation. This is where your personality comes out in a song! Analysing what the song needs and what you need to make it yours, to feel comfortable on stage and connect with the audience without barriers and blocks. 

In addition to the techniques specifically designed for the voice, I am aware that that is only one part of the whole. Our voice, mind, body and feelings are deeply interconnected and any change in any of these can affect the others. My approach in vocal coaching takes into account all dimensions of the voice and of our mind and body. In addition to our attention to the voice, we will also be mindful of the mental, physical, psychological and emotional aspects that surround it. All these elements are fundamental to be balanced and reach your goals as a singer (and not only as a singer). They are intertwined and interconnected, and they can influence one another, which is why is important to understand that we must pay attention to all of them if we want to explore our full potential.

With singing lessons, you will develop and strengthen other musicianship skills including rhythm, improvisation, and music theory. I am also a pianist and a guitarist, and I can also help you develop your piano and guitar skills, so that you can learn to use these instruments to help you with your singing practice or maybe to accompany yourself on stage.

My lessons are for people who want to express themselves through their voices, their body and their mind. In order to do that freely and easily, you need vocal freedom, a healthy voice and versatility. Freedom to shape your voice however you want it. To achieve freedom, you need an awareness of the tools you inherently have in your body to produce different types of sounds, and also a healthy voice. That means using those tools correctly, avoiding injuries or damage to your instrument. Lastly, you may want versatility to approach different styles (Pop, Folk, Musical Theatre, Rock…) or use different nuances in your own style.

In addition to that, you need confidence! There are many ways to achieve that, both practical and psychological. Having new tools to shape your voice will empower you and make you feel better about your voice, consequently making you feel more confident. At the same time, the tools I have gathered with many years of personal research in mindfulness and psychology, in addition to my current journey in the world of counselling, can help me consider the psychological side of the craft and the performance.

With small tricks that take into account the totality of our being (physical, mental and emotional), your voice will flourish, so that you can sound like you’ve always wanted to.

Singing can be fun for everyone. Being a “good” singer is not written in the genes. It all comes down to your life experiences and how much you allowed yourself to show your artistic disposition. People may be blocked for many different reasons, or maybe didn’t have a chance to practice and learn. Maybe some people have been exposed to music from an early age and consequently are able to sing more easily than others. What counts is that we all start from different places but we can all improve and shape our voices how we want. Finding your true voice means making it what you want. What we think is our “natural” voice, is just the result of years of conditioning from our environment – but we can change that!

If you want to know more about your voice, book a lesson with me to start the journey! My singing lessons and vocal coaching are online or in person (in Milan, Italy).

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