Hey, remember that time I sung in front of 10000 people to celebrate the fact that I am a human being just like any other and that humans are so beautiful because they’re all different from each other and could nonetheless all live in peace and happily?

Gay Pride is not only about drinking booze in the streets. It’s not about applying colourful paint to your skin or glitter to your beard.
It’s about celebrating and being grateful for the fact that we live in a society where we can love whoever we want. And that we still need to achieve equal rights, that we are still scared to come out sometimes, that still people look at you weirdly if you’re a boy holding hands with a boy or a girl holding hands with a girl.
Pride is about reminding ourselves and the rest of the world that any sexuality is normal. That even though LGBT people are a minority, we are still human beings and we deserve equal rights and DON’T deserve discrimination, bullying and violence. I got too much of that in my past and I am sick of it.
Now, get over your hungover and keep being proud and out. Be vocal about your pain, be vulnerable about your trauma. Share your experiences with the people who don’t understand. Talk to a straight man, open your heart, and try to LET them understand what it feels like. Maybe they just don’t know.
And gay pride is not about passive-aggressively showing our gayness in their face. It’s about being more compassionate and creating bonds with EVERYONE, not only within the LGBT community. Let’s hold hands and love each other <3

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