It’s that time of the year again. Every January I sit with my diary, pen in hand, and write a list of goals for the year.

This time I still haven’t compiled the list. I feel that in this particular moment of my life the main thing I want is to find my own happiness, regardless of what I’m doing professionally or sentimentally or physically. Material goals are always good to keep you moving, that goes without saying, but I probably need to pause those for a moment in order to avoid becoming one of those unhappy little people.

So I think the only item on the list for now will be to be more honest with myself and others, being more vocal about my needs and not scared of showing who I am. And this will probably help me figure out what other material goals I want to have. 🙂
What are your resolutions for this year? Let’s talk about it!

In other news, I’m making made a little Spotify playlist with new music that flies to my ears every now and then. Listen here if you need some fresh music and let me know what new songs you have in your head lately. 🙂

Hope you have an amazing year, you deserve it, just like everyone else in the world. A whole year full of learning and winning and smiling 🙂


Valerio x

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