My new single “If You Were Me You Would Be” is OUT NOW!!!

If you’ve ever done something with your heart, passion, talent and efforts and nobody gave a SHIT about your value, this song is for you.

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piano, vocals, harmonium, keyboards, backing vocals: Valerio Lysander cello: Sam Rowe
violin: Mónica Viñoly
drums: Gregorio Lucchese

music, lyrics, arrangements, production by Valerio Lysander(Valerio Alessandri)

piano and drums recorded by Jonathan McMillan @ Smokehouse Studios, London
vocals and violin, recorded by Nick Harris @ Spare Room Recording – Music Production, London
cello, recorded by Sam Rowe
mixing: Nick Harris @ Spareroom Recordings�
mastering: Jay Fee @ Conduction Mastering

artwork by Alessandro Prencipe

VIDEO: Shot with the help of Chiara Perlino Photographer and edited by Valerio Lysander

Special thanks to:my brothers Giuliano and Matteo cooking, my dad Mario and my uncle Massimo farming, my cousin Simone shopping, Risia getting a massage, Matteo e Irene getting drunk, Martina being annoying, Arianna and Elisa eating, my aunt Gloria mourning, my uncle Atos tidying up coffins, Solly e Giada playing with bras.
The bar is Spirit 24, Monterotondo (RM), Italy.
The restaurant is A San Rocco Giuliano e Matteo, Monterotondo (RM), Italy.
The massage bed is Risia Shiatsu’s.
The clothes shop is Emporio Uomo, Monterotondo (RM), Italy.
The is A P B Agenzia Funebre, Monterotondo (RM), Italy.
The Underwear Shop is La Giarrettiera, Monterotondo (RM), Italy.

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