My next album will be released on 21st July, and I will celebrate with a release party in London at St John’s Church in Hoxton. Tickets are available now, get yours!

And if you’re in Italy, I will have a pre-release party in a secret location in Rome on 16th July. Send me an email at to book a slot (only a few left!).

But for now, here’s the cover of the album and the tracklist! How many of these do you know?


1- The Moon Ā 

2- Feathers

3- If You Were Me You Would Be

4- A Little Fast

5- The Prince

6- Comme Une Riviere

7- Cotton

8- Ryan

9- Iā€™m Screwed

10- Little People

11- Fools

12- Hymn

13- Le Stelle De Lu Cielu


Can’t wait to share them with you!

Valerio Xx

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