Hello you!

Have you been enjoying the sun these days? I definitely did, with two gigs in Germany (Berlin and Leizpig) where I have definitely realised that life has so many beautiful little things that risk going unnoticed if we are too involved with our thoughts.
That’s why, after a few months of it being ready and me thinking I should prepare a marketing strategy for it, I have finally decided to just release this new project I’ve been working on for a while, without too much anticipation or many preludes. Life is too short to be planning and strategising, and really, I just want to spend it enjoying every single moment of it.
I had started to lose touch with my passion for music, overwhelmed by the admin and the self promotion it involves. I really want to go back to just doing it for the love of it, not for the pursuit of fame or recognition or money.
I want to do it for myself and for the people who enjoy what I do. No more strategies, no more marketing. Just real passion and connection between with my heart and my voice, and your ears.

So here we are! The EP, called “When the Clouds”, is now available for purchase on Bandcamp!

The songs in the EP, which features an amaaaazing artwork by Martina D’Anastasio (Sine Senze), are a little journey exploring the relationship between mother and child and the different layers of grief after the departure of a loved one.
It’s a project that’s been very important to my heart and which has been very difficult to complete, having done most of it on my own, alone with grief and frustration and tears. But the process has definitely been very cathartic for me and I’m very proud of what I’ve created. I hope you will enjoy this too 

You can buy the digital album for £7, a physical lyrics booklet for £9 or the full CD + lyrics booklet for £10

Do it here: https://valeriolysander.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-clouds-will-gather-i-will-drink-the-rain

What about you?
What is the passion you need to undress from all the conventions our world burdens it with?

Let’s talk about it 🙂


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