My lessons are for professional, advanced or beginner singers, for everyone who uses their voice, who want to learn how to use or improve their voice, grow as a singer, musician, artist or teacher, feel confident on stage (or in the living room or, why not, in […]
How To Sing High Notes How can I sing high notes?This is one of the most common questions I get as a vocal coach. First of all, let’s say that this is not the only thing that makes a good singer. We all have different genes […]
Vocal Warm Ups Singing puts some serious demands on your body, and bad technique or overuse of your instrument may strain your muscles and vocal cords. Just like in sports, you need to prepare your muscles and legaments for the performance – even if singing doesn’t […]
Singing has many benefits for your mental and physical health. If you need some more reasons to sing – other than you like doing it! – I’ll give you 4! 1 – It Helps Regulate Your Nervous System Singing happens in the larynx, which is connected […]