Sei pronto a portare la tua voce al livello successivo? Non guardare oltre! Mi chiamo Valerio Lysander, sono un vocal coach, cantautore e performer con piรน di 15 anni di esperienza nell’insegnamento e con concerti in tutta Europa. Offro lezioni di canto complete e servizi di […]
Are you ready to take your singing talents to the next level? Look no further! My name is Valerio Lysander, I’m a vocal coach, singer/songwriter and performer with more than 15 years of experience teaching and performing all over Europe. I offer comprehensive singing lessons and […]
Singing lessons are fun and useful to perfect your artistry, but our voice, mind, body and feelings are deeply interconnected. Any change in any of these can affect the others, and knowing this and how to deal with it could be the key to unlock your […]
If you’re a singer, you have probably heard the term “mix voice” a lot. But what is mix voice, and why is it so important for your singing? In this post, we’ll explore the basics of mix voice and how it can help you unlock your […]
The larynx is a vital component of singing because it plays an important role in producing the sound that comes out of a singer’s mouth. It is a small organ located at the top of the throat that houses the vocal cords. It is made up […]
The truth is that there is no “true” voice!Our voices are the result of many years of conditioning from our environment. Maybe the songs we listened to when we were kids, the voices we heard in our home or in school, influences from our language… We […]
Breathing should be the simplest thing in the world. Except, sometimes is not. During our lives, we unlearn the most effective way to breathe and we use muscles that can create unnecessary tension. But there is a way to make breathing more effective and efficient, especially […]
My lessons are for professional, advanced or beginner singers, for everyone who uses their voice, who want to learn how to use or improve their voice, grow as a singer, musician, artist or teacher, feel confident on stage (or in the living room or, why not, in […]
How To Sing High Notes How can I sing high notes?This is one of the most common questions I get as a vocal coach. First of all, let’s say that this is not the only thing that makes a good singer. We all have different genes […]
Vocal Warm Ups Singing puts some serious demands on your body, and bad technique or overuse of your instrument may strain your muscles and vocal cords. Just like in sports, you need to prepare your muscles and legaments for the performance – even if singing doesn’t […]