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When you stop trying to deny that death exists, things feel much easier. Nothing we own will last forever, enjoy it while you can without worries. Nothing we achieve will stay forever, enjoy the journey. Whatever you do now shapes your future, don't

The idea for my most successful song to date was born during a therapy session. Some years ago I was having a very extenuating fight against my inner self, experiencing OCD, anxiety and paranoia every day. For three long years anxiety

Hey folks! It's been more than 2 months since the release of We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards The Sunlight, can't believe it! The feedback has been amazing and I am still so proud of it! It's been lovely to hear what

Hello chums :) Hope you've been enjoying the summer so far and my album has kept you company under the sun. <3 If you needed some other ways to be close to me, you can now buy one of my t-shirts! There's one

Hey you! If you weren't in London and missed my release party, here's some pictures from the gig in St John's, Hoxton, London. A beautiful night put up by Go out of Tune in the most beautiful venue, with the most beautiful

My next album will be released on 21st July, and I will celebrate with a release party in London at St John's Church in Hoxton. Tickets are available now, get yours! And if you're in Italy, I will have a pre-release

My new single "If You Were Me You Would Be" is OUT NOW!!! If you've ever done something with your heart, passion, talent and efforts and nobody gave a SHIT about your value, this song is for you. Download for FREE on